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サハラ・フォース・インディアのコンポジット設計責任者であるブルース・エディントンは次のように述べています。「クリスタルセラム ウルトラの初期テストでは、非常に高い評価を得たため、レースカーの主要な空力面すべてに製品の適用範囲を拡大しました」

Gtechniq社のManaging DirectorであるRob Earle氏は次のように述べています。「フォース・インディアとは長い間、モーターレースにおける共通の問題である空力性能の向上と維持に対する解決策を模索してきました。テストの結果、今年のシャシーではクリスタルセラムウルトラが最高のパフォーマンスを発揮し、最高の滑りやすさと空力特性を実現していることがわかりました。この結果が、次の3シーズンでの表彰台獲得につながることを期待しています」と述べています。



Force India Formula One Team have signed a three-year supplier deal with the world’s leading formulator of ceramic surface coatings ahead of the French Grand Prix, today (Thursday 21 June 2018).

The team have chosen Gtechniq, developers of advanced detailing products, to be the official supplier of surface finishing and maintenance products, for the next three seasons.

Over the last six years Gtechniq has worked closely with Force India to maintain the aerodynamic efficiency of the team’s two cars, supplying them with a number of advanced ceramic coatings.

This year, the podium contenders have chosen Crystal Serum Ultra, for the two cars driven by Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon.

Force India F1 Team have found the application of Crystal Serum Ultra, a 10h ceramic coating developed for Gtechniq Accredited Detailers, enhances the stability of the aerodynamically sensitive surfaces of the race car by minimising debris adhesion and maintaining a clean performance surface.

Sahara Force India’s Head of Composite Design, Bruce Eddington, said: “Initial trials of Crystal Serum Ultra were so positive that we have expanded the product coverage on the race car to include all the major aerodynamic surfaces.”

Rob Earle, managing director of Gtechniq, said: “We have been working with Force India for a long time to find a solution to a common ongoing problem in motor racing – improving and maintaining the aerodynamic performance of the cars. Testing has revealed that Crystal Serum Ultra is the best performer on this year’s chassis, providing supreme slickness and aerodynamic properties, we hope that this will go towards some more podium wins in the next three seasons.”

Force India’s Technical Director, Andrew Green, said: “A Formula One Car is designed to an incredible degree of precision and it’s crucial to maintain all the aerodynamic surfaces in the correct condition so they behave as originally designed. Rubber build-up is highly disruptive and a product like Crystal Serum Ultra is vital to prevent loss of performance. We are delighted to continue our technical partnership with Gtechniq and benefit from their expertise”.

As well as protecting the cars with Crystal Serum Ultra, Gtechniq are providing the team with access to their full detailing product range.


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Gtechniq was born out of pure science, the love of cars and the desire to create the best car care products, with a focus on protective coatings – the cornerstone of our success.

In 2004, scientists at Gtechniq created a superior line of products aimed at perfecting all car surfaces. And over the last 14 years, these products have been continually improved to provide a range that outshines and outlasts the competition.

Our line of surface preparation and finishing products are designed to clean, polish, and protect all automotive exteriors, in a way no traditional wax applications can match.

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