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A recent small-scale study by our partner Biocote® has revealed the car seat to be the biggest culprit when it comes to bacteria in a car.

Biocote, leaders in antimicrobial technology, who have teamed up with Gtechniq to introduce I2 Tri-Clean, I1 Smart Fabric AB, L1 Leather Guard AB and C6 Matte Dash AB, discovered the findings by swabbing their own business fleet.

As part of the study Biocote swabbed the steering wheel, air vents, and front seats of their team’s cars to see what they may find.

After processing the swabs collected in the laboratory, the results showed that the car seats were the most contaminated surface, closely followed by the air vents and steering wheel.

Regulatory affairs officer and microbiologist at BioCote, Dr. Andrew Summerfield, said: “Our results show that bacteria can happily thrive and survive in cars – making antimicrobial technology an ideal addition to any car interior.”

Another study commissioned recently by Carfused revealed that a car’s interior can become a hotspot for bacteria. The fact 1 in 4 Brits only clean their cars once every 3 months, combined with the amount of time spent behind a wheel and the variety of activities we undertake while in our cars – eating, drinking, sneezing – provides the perfect circumstances for bacteria to colonise the cockpit of our trusty motors.

The Carfused commissioned study recovered both E. coli and Staphylococcus from the cars being tested, as well as other microbes such as mould.

Dr. Andrew Summerfield added: “As so many of us spend many hours in our cars on the road, the threat of bacteria can be a real issue. Couple this with child passengers who may be prone to spilling sugary drinks or leaving crumbs, and we have the ideal breeding ground for a variety of bacteria – some of which may cause bad smells and stains or, at worse, be detrimental to our health.”

If you haven’t tried them already, our antibacterial product range is ideal for killing and preventing bacteria growth in any car. You can clean your interior surfaces – from leather and fabric seats to the steering wheel – with I2 Tri-Clean, and then protect them with I1 Smart Fabric AB, L1 Leather Guard AB, or C6 Matte Dash AB.

When bacteria comes into the contact with the surface of a Gtechniq protected interior, the active ingredients within the products work to break down the bacteria, mould and odours making the surface more hygienic, and your car a safer place to be.